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There are many reasons why someone would want or need to have dual citizenship. Citizens of many countries are not allowed to enter the countries they want to visit. The solution is to have a second passport from a country that is more travel friendly, such as Vanuatu.

Perhaps you own a business that's looking to expand into new regions of the world. You may need a cost effective workforce abroad or in your own country. 

Vanuatu Associates can help make all your citizenship and investment plans a reality. Our director; support staff; and teams are here to help you accomplish all your needs. 

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Vanuatu Citizenship
Details & Pricing

If you are seeking citizenship by investment in a country that can provide access to the most desirable countries in the world, Vanuatu may be your best choice. 

Citizenship Details & Pricing

Vanuatu Business Opportunities

Are you an investor or company owner looking for a new market in a developing nation, for expansion or investment? Find out more about opportunities in Vanuatu. 

Business Oportunities

Vanuatu Workforce

Are you looking for an inexpensive source of labor for production abroad or within your home country? Once again, Vanuatu has what you need. 

Vanuatu Workforce