Seeking Cannabis Cultivation Investors in Vanuatu

Cannabis cultivation is 100% legal in many countries and we are exploring opportunities for Vanuatu export as well as investment in legal jurisdictions. Below is an example project which just completed its first cultivation.  We are currently looking for funding partners for our upcoming projects. For more information contact us via our contact page.

First Completed Project

The climate is ideal for year-round greenhouse/indoor cultivation. Annual low-cost outdoor crop for oil and extract production.

Purpose & Use


The largest licensed cannabis cultivation site (1,000 acres) at our first location for annual outdoor cultivation used for extract and cannabis oil production, greenhouse and indoor cultivation for wholesale and packaged flower sales:

  • Bulk and package flower at all price points
  • Biomass for extracts and oil
  • Maximum utilization at low-cost production

Manufacturing and Processing

The production of medical-grade pesticide-free cannabis extracts using safe State approved methods for the production of: 

  • Concentrates
  • Refined Distillate
  • Solvent-Free products
  • Pre-Rolls and Infused Pre-Rolls
  • Developing products for the emerging health and wellness
  • market

Distribution and Sales

A secure distribution center to service for: 

  • Business to business wholesale distribution
  • Supplying local licensed retail stores
  • Distribution of 3rd party products

Commercial Kitchen

A commercial kitchen with a blast freezer for the production of edibles and consumables including pre-rolls, gummies, hard candies, chips, mints, drinks and other infused products.

3rd Party Brands and Packaging

We will provide contract services for 3rd party brands:

  • Formulation and fulfillment
  • Packaging of consumer products

Retail Sales and Lounge

We will have the only retail location and consumption lounge in the county

Distribution Warehouse

Distribution Facility 

Centrally located making for timely deliveries. 

  • 5,000 sf
  • Fully built out and ready
  • Local and State Inspected and Approved
  • Additional space will be added as needed

Statewide Distribution

Fast and Efficient

The industry is rapidly changing. New regulations place significant responsibilities on the distributor for compliance, testing, reporting and tax collection. Our experience in the industry allows us to meet the needs of our clients fast and efficiently.

Distribution license allows us to continue operations as is, without disruption or requiring us to work through a 3rd party distributor. We will provide our clients with the best product and services without an increase in cost due to third party distributor fees. We will also provide distribution services for “friends and family” (3rd party brands) operating within our facilities.

Road Map

The Company that secures the beachhead – Premium Cannabis Company – can become a market leader in the US cannabis industry

Leveraging branded cultivation and production for the Nevada medical and recreational market.