Vanuatu and Bitcoin

What is Vanuatu’s position on Bitcoin and Blockchain investments? Vanuatu, being a tax friendly republic, does not tax or limit the trading or selling of Bitcoin in any way. Citizens of Vanuatu are welcome to trade and profit from Bitcoin as they see fit.

Is it possible to use bitcoin to pay for Vanuatu citizenship fees? Yes it is. For those of you who wish to use bitcoin or other Blockchain currencies to pay for citizenship and passport fees, please contact us directly through our contact form to find out specific information about how to proceed. You will be put into contact with a team member who is responsible for handling bitcoin payments.

This is not tax advice per se. Please contact a tax specialist in the country where you pay your taxes, for the final authority on the handling of taxes in your particular case. 

Please check back here for future updates on more Bitcoin and Blockchain related information as it pertains to Vanuatu. 

Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment