nWhen it comes to supplying overseas seasonal workers, Vanuatu is arguably the most prolific provider of all South Pacific nations. The number of available seasonal workers is approximately 15,000 which is substantially more than neighboring nations.  

The practice of supplying seasonal workers to other countries has been a long established tradition in Vanuatu, and there is already a fully operational system (Seasonal Workers Program SWP) in place. Vanuatu uses this system together with a system Ni-Vanuatu licensed recruitment agents that have personal experience working overseas. 

  • Utilizing licensed recruitment agencies will mean that all the time consuming background work is done for you. For example the agency will 
  • Source the workers
  • Conduct necessary background checks 
  • Ensure workers meet the necessary requirements to be able to perform the job functions
  • Preparing and educating workers for their time in America
  • Obtaining necessary medical documentation and clearances
  • Applying for and obtaining the necessary visa’s
  • Organizing and overseeing travel arrangements
  • Providing back up and support once the workers are working overseas.

Seasonal agriculture workers

  •  Approximately 5,000 workers available 
  • All workers have previous experience in New Zealand or Australia or both.
  • All workers have undergone necessary training (where required)
  • All workers have a diverse range of working experience ranging from working on dairy farms, beef farms and sheep farms through to citrus farms, orchards, crop farms and viticulture
  • All workers are used to contractual employment, with set rules and regulations, and lasting for a predefined period of time. In the case of workers in New Zealand and Australia this has often been on a year by year basis
  • Traditionally there has been an excellent retention rate among Ni-Vanuatu workers. Recent studies conducted in Australia show that Australian employers tend to favor workers from Vanuatu because of their dependability, high productivity and general enthusiasm for the job. 

 Hospitality workers

  •  There are currently about 2000 workers available for positions in the hospitality industry. All workers  
  • Are fluent English speaking 
  • Have extensive experience with land based hotels (Holiday Inn & Warwick Group) as well as a range of smaller boutique hotels.
  • Have extensive experience working within sea-based organizations such as Carnival/P&O, and Princess Cruise Lines.   

There are a number of other factors that have to be taken into consideration when employing seasonal workers from Vanuatu including tax arrangements, cultural factors religious arrangements, salary arrangements and accommodation arrangements. 

We can guide you through the entire process utilizing our connections within the Vanuatu recruitment industry and Vanuatu government together with our experience in the American marketplace. 

If you would like to know more about the availability of seasonal or professional workers from Vanuatu simply click on the link below.

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